Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hawaii 5-O

Just a quick side project before I delve back into the mermaid I have a deadline for this one. My 30-year high school reunion is coming up the third week of July. We are having an "informal" BBQ thing and will have a float in our local "Doo-Dah" parade (it's a small town...we have nothing better to do). The theme for our reunion and the float will be "Floating Down Memory Lane", and we plan to have things to do with summer, lazily floating down a river, wearing Floaties or inflatable rings. Which, by extension, made me think of warm weather, luaus, drinking mai tai's out of a tiki glass, palm trees (you see where I'm going with this, right?) But where to fit something "costumey" into the picture? Well, I have this Simplicity pattern for a fabulous, retro 50's Hawaiian-style wrap dress I had made up once in this really cute fabric that had a white background with red and blue parrots on it. Unfortunately, it somehow became a victim of my mad frenzy of getting rid of anything and everything that had to do with my old life during my divorce and I no longer have it. So! Time to make a new one....
We have two...count 'em...two places to get fabric within a reasonable driving distance from where I live - Walmart and JoAnn. Apparently upstate NY isn't into the whole "tropical" motif thing, so pickin's were slim. However, I got lucky and found a cute pattern with a black background, which I think will turn out very nice!
And a flower for my hair!
This shouldn't take too long. I'll post the finished product, as shots of every step of this could be quite boring...
And as of this posting, I have the top section and wraps already finished. I'll start on the skirt section tomorrow.


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